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Easy Way To Make Homemade Glass Cleaner

How to make homemade glass cleaner, glass polishing is one of the most important things that housewives keen to do them until the house is clean and beautiful, so always looking for effective ways to clean the glass.

glass cleaner
glass cleaner

There are certain times may not be polishing glass, such as the brightness of the sunlight where it causes the sun to dry glass cleaner quickly leaving spots on the glass, which requires polished again, for polishing glass, as it should dust removal before you start cleaning so as not to confuse the dirt and cause stains clay , preferably the use of cotton cloth in the glass scanning.

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Clean water is also is the best solution to get the shiny glass and if you do not give the result is added to him of 2: 3 tablespoons vinegar per cup of water, and removes teeth small glass scratches paste, and it must be clean interior glass vertically and external glass horizontally, while the surfaces glass cleaned rub with lemon juice and dried paper towel, then a sheet of newspaper or using polished glass.

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