Natural Nasal Congestion Treatment

Sample natural nasal congestion treatment at home, Blockage and nasal congestion synonymous with winter season coming, most people suffer from a stuffy nose during this time of year, where viruses are spread in the air.
It is common mistakes made by people is to try to suction mucus inside all the time, and this leads to a worsening of the disease because the mucus going to the lungs can lead to infection, instead of resorting to these measures, follow these simple methods can reduce or even prevent stuffy nose.

Natural Nasal Congestion Treatment
Natural Nasal Congestion Treatment

Nasal congestion treatment at home:

Keep head up:
When you are in bed, try to have your head is always higher than the body: This reduces mucus, and also to avoid any situation that could increase the pressure on the sinuses because it leads to more mucus secretion.

Try useful foods:
The onions a good way to keep the nose free of congestion, simply, cut a slice of onion and snorted, onion acts as a catalyst for the secretion of liquid to clean the nose, the simplest way to get rid of a stuffy nose is cutting, and peeling tattoo onions for five minutes and will get rid of a stuffy nose in the blink sight.
Eat warm food:
Yes, it helps when you eat spicy food such as chili, a chemical called Capsaicin present in the pepper makes your nose to nose secreted detergent liquid.
Drink plenty of hot drinks:
The steam of hot beverages such as tea or coffee help to get rid of mucus, tea also helps to treat coughs, with a little honey.
Steam is the best option:
Add a few drops of menthol to hot water. Then cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam can help to clean up the nose of the congestion.
To follow these simple tips can prevent and treat stuffy nose, stuffy nose, where that very annoying, but these tips can help get rid of the congestion spam with appropriate medications.

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