Learn Nose Bleeding First Aid

Nose bleeding first aid, warmer weather in the summer heat cause in children many diseases, the most common bleeding nose, and here are unable to mothers about proper handling of the child in this case.

nose bleeding causes
nose bleeding causes

Occurs bleeding nose, usually as a result of the introduction of the finger in the nose, or blowing your nose strongly, sneezing powers, allergies, or because of a problem in one of the blood vessels especially the nose in the summer due to high temperatures, usually bleed one slot of the nostrils and sometimes because of the blood to the throat seems that Child coughs blood, and here we must make the child stand or sit in an upright position in order to reduce blood pressure in the arteries of the nose, with making the child breathes from his mouth.
The role of the mother constipation party child’s nose thumb and forefinger with bowed head slightly forward chest hand to prevent blood entering the throat, and if the big missing amount of blood, or if the bleeding continued for more than 15 to 30 minutes, you must resort to medical assistance, knowing that make nerve bleeding increases, so that the child should remain calm and not talking and you should not put anything in his nose.

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