Do you have obsessed with obesity?

People who are obese depressed feel that the outside they look ugly, they lose their self-confidence and made up a negative image of themselves prefer to isolation and loneliness may become infected.
From here nutritionist stresses the importance to remove the patient from the psychological and physical problems of the psychological-medical treatment.

Do you have obsessed with obesity?
Do you have obsessed with obesity?

Anorexia nervosa means the use of coercive methods to lose weight The disease is a neurological binge eating enormous amounts of food in a short period followed by forced vomiting by the same person.
According to studies conducted on these diseases, that about 90% of people with anorexia nervosa are women and spread dramatically in the United States.

Signs of the disease:

Patient flatly refused to gain weight and suffer from panic in the event of increased one kilogram only, Low self-image do not always complain about the shape and considered himself ugly if not lost weight and no confidence Infected with this disease refuses to keep a healthy weight but always ask for more weight loss.
In general, each person infected with the disease refuse to admit it and here it should be noted that mental illness, like physical may be fatal.

Do you have obsessed with obesity?

You can find out the answer through the following questions:
Do you feel you are fat even though everyone around you tells you the opposite?
Are you afraid and is terrified of the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčincreasing weight?
Do you hide what to eat and not reveal a diet that followed?
Do you force yourself to vomit after eating?
Feel the energy and activity when you do sports or vice versa?
If the answers yes if you sick Onoraxia.

Serious complications

Loss of appetite and gluttony causes hormonal disorders occur with the absence of menstrual cycles, osteoporosis and may lead to death more often if neglected.

Symptoms of anorexia

Skin color, nails pounding, hair, constipation, or anemia, swelling of the joints and constantly feeling cold, and do not heal ulcers, difficulty in thinking and concentration.

Symptoms of excessive appetite disease

Depression after eating, constant fatigue, humor, constipation, bulges, swelling of the salivary glands, sore throat as a result of vomiting, excessive use of medicines for diarrhea may cause loss of fluids and minerals amounts in the body.


If you suspect that you have anorexia or bulimia look for medical aid it has advised doctors to enter the hospital if the weight is less than ideal weight by more than 30%.
Cognitive therapy: the patient to be recognized as suffering from the disease and that it follows a harsh diets to reduce weight
Behavioral therapy: encouraging the patient to increase his weight against specific bonuses promised them.
Family therapy: disease talked about his problem with the near or a friend and help him avoid the follow-up fashion shows and reading magazines and topics related to health and fitness.

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