Ovarian Cancer Symptoms & Signs

Breast and cervical cancer are most common cancerous tumors among women and the most dangerous, but most women are unaware that there is another kind of tumors is no less dangerous for tumors of the breast and uterus, ovaries cancer.

Ovarian Cancer Symptoms & Signs

Ovarian cancer symptoms and signs:

Depending on the advisory opinion of Obstetrics and Gynecology Ovarian cancer is one of the more obscure types of tumors in symptoms, often attributed the cause of symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders, due to it nature that the convergence of symptoms of gastrointestinal diseases such as:
Abdominal pain.
irritation of the colon.
And perhaps for that reason delayed diagnosis of ovarian cancer and increases its danger.

Factors raise the chances of exposure to ovarian cancer

Genetic diseases play a major role in increasing the chances of injury tumors of the breast, but it is a little different in ovarian tumors, where no more than the role of genetic factors in raising the chances of exposure to the disease to the proportion exceeds 10% of women, which is a small percentage to a large extent, compared to the same the role played by genetic factors in raising the chances of developing some of the other women’s tumors.

There are some other factors that increase the chances of exposure to ovarian tumors, including:
Reaching to adulthood and the incidence of early menopause in the late stages.
In a few cases may raise hormonal contraceptives chances of exposure to ovarian tumors.
The incidence of ovarian cysts for long periods with the neglect of treatment.
history of breast cancer, women with a personal history or family history, breast cancer, are more likely, much, for ovarian cancer.

There are a number of other additional factors that it is still not quite clear whether they increase the likelihood and the risk of ovarian cancer or not, and required further research around.

These factors are:
Exposure to asbestos.
Lactose rich nutrition (milk sugar), is found in foods such as milk.

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