Popcorn Calories Per Cup

Popcorn calories per cup are few, a cups of popcorn contains 30 calories, So we can say popcorn that prepared at home and a healthy snack.
Popcorn Calories Per Cup
The popcorn is a full corn grain and contain the benefits of these pills, they are rich in fiber for healthy digestive system and is a good source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients the plant, which are all beneficial to health.

Making popcorn a great snack for you and your family! Make sure only to be low-fat preparation through to 1-2 tablespoon of vegetable oil for each bag, To avoid calories and the percentage of excess fat, Stay away from popcorn with butter or cheese or caramel envelope.


Popcorn and diet:

Nutritionists recommend eating a snack rich in fiber when one feels hungry, Here comes the role of popcorn!
It includes a cup of popcorn oils-free to 30 calories, while those that contain oil-popping 55 calories.
Studies show that popcorn center source of “polyphenols” (antioxidants) that they contain fruit and vegetables, worth mentioning that the cortex is the popcorn that contains the largest km from “polyphenols” and fiber.
The popcorn without oil alone does not contain a lot of calories and is low-fat and “carbohydrates.” And when you eat three servings of white popcorn-free oil, it consumes one’s calories and 92 grams of fat and Melligrama of sodium, according to the US Department of Agriculture.
If you don’t flavored popcorn without oil, it means that you used to add a little salt and butter to your share. In doing so, more than how much fat and sodium in large part to your meal light.
A tablespoons of unsalted butter at contains 204 calories, and 23 grams of fat, and when the amount of spray teaspoon of salt does not increase the calories or fat, but adds 2325 Milligram of sodium.
The result is adding salt to skip the popcorn sodium allowable daily rate.

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