Brain Premature Aging Prevention

Brain prevention of premature aging review, A large number of people may resort to follow certain food diets in order to get rid of the problem of excess weight and obesity and get a decent appearance and body free of diseases. But the thought of us days following the diet protects the brain from aging?

Premature Aging Prevention
Premature Aging Prevention

A recent study conducted by a number of researchers at Columbia University, pointed out that the nutritional quality of the diet and eating a big impact on the health of our brain and his youth.

In detail, the study applied to nearly 200 people aged 80 years, and asked each person to complete a form, including eating of food last year. Seven months later she underwent each and every one of these for my brain scan to measure brain size.
Researchers section of men and women into two groups: one is closely following the Mediterranean diet and the other does not only depend on the little of a healthy diet in her food components.

The results showed that the first group followed a Mediterranean diet, the brain size of the smallest members of five years from the brains of the group that did not rely on her food in the diet. ”

The study focused specifically on that people who committed themselves to the Mediterranean diet, the volume of gray matter in the brain have been the largest milliliters B5.0 As for the white material was greater B6.41 milliliters.

It should be noted, that the gray matter in the brain plays a special role in brain function, such as muscle control and sensory sharpness. The white matter in the brain is supervised on nerve signals.

Other studies have similar results

Previous studies on the importance of the findings, especially with regard to the realization of this study have confirmed. People who followed the Mediterranean diet, tests have shown that they are a smaller number of years in relation to cognitive tasks and implementation. Many researchers have attributed the reason to contain this diet of antioxidants and inflammation. Studies have confirmed that this diet can reduce feelings of fear and danger which increases the effectiveness of the cognitive functions of the individual.

At the end of her talk advises Dr. Chung said: “Different changes in the brain area when aging occurs, we can make this change positively affects the health of our understanding if we follow healthy habits through the food we ate.”

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