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Learn Probiotics Sources Foods


Learn Probiotics Sources Foods,Probiotics works to facilitate digestion, is also working to strengthen the immune system, as it’s an important basis for the existence of friendly bacteria in the digestive canal, and works with fiber to enhance the output of work. So resort who suffer from constipation to eat rich with Probiotics.
The rich cuisine to this article essential for a healthy body are:


Banana fruits rich of Probiotics, and can be added to milk to provide a good share of the gut-friendly bacteria.

Between 15 and 20 percent of the artichoke pills containing probiotics and reach the intestine intact, so it is one of the best dietary sources of good bacteria.

The richest nutrients and probiotics in Leek is the green part.
Whole oats:
Oats for the many health benefits it protects against diabetes, and is recommended for patients with diabetes. Whole oats contain probiotics.

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Amazing Home Made Face Masks

Besides that the quality of the sugar in honey are easy to digest and less harmful for insulin resistance, Honey contains two strains of probiotics that provide protection against diarrhea, and regulate the digestive process.

Whole grains:
Whole grains characterized by high fiber they contain, which helps to control weight, regulate cholesterol and blood pressure. Whole grains such as whole wheat and barley contain friendly bacteria.

Asparagus carbohydrate containing probiotics as well as fiber.

Garlic and onions: the best ways to eat garlic and onions is include them with fried vegetables.

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