Quit Smoking Foods That Help You

Quit smoking foods that help, Smoking habit has spread widely, especially among the young age of young people, which is why increasingly contracting opportunities with many diseases when they grow up, and trying to get rid of the habit harmful in various ways.

Quit smoking foods that help
Quit smoking foods that help

There are many diseases suffered by a person smoked, such as the incidence of cancer, heart and immune system diseases. Consultant obesity and thinness and provides some foods that help to reduce the desire to eat cigarettes, and help you quit, including:


1- Foods rich in vitamin C, so you have to deal with in the morning, the fruit of orange or kiwi and avocado.

2 – Eating dairy products.

3 – Make vegetables taste of cigarettes is likable to you.

4 – Eating oats reduces the feel nervous during the period of quitting smoking.

5 – Rice mite cleans the chest and lungs from the effects of smoking.

6 – Eating anise and spherical reduces the desire to eat cigarettes.

7 – Exercise save you from stress during this critical period, you should exercise three times a week.

8 – A lot of water intake, because it contributes to reduce the feeling of wanting to eat cigarettes.

Select the reasons why you want to quit smoking

Motivation is the most important factor in resisting the temptations of smoking, so it is important to draw up a list of reasons for which you want to quit, according to the Centers for Disease Control recommend and Prevention.
However, the reason “because it is harmful to health” may not be enough, we all need incentives strong character, such as “I want to protect my family from passive smoking” or “I want to be a good role model for my children,” or “I want to avoid premature wrinkles” or “I want to give money,” or “I do not want others to judge me that I exercise bad habit “or” I do not want to hit impotence. ” 30 here a reason to quit smoking nothing to do with your health, choose motives that outweigh the strength for you strength desire to ignite a cigarette.
Make a plan to deal with the symptoms of quitting smoking that include depression, stress and difficulty sleeping and irritability and difficulties in concentration, put a plan to deal with the symptoms of quitting smoking that include depression, stress and difficulty sleeping and irritability and difficulty concentrating, weight gain.

Ask the support of others

Tell your family and friends whom you trust that you intend to quit smoking, and ask them to support you in the coming days and weeks, but select them how to support (for example: I want these days to reduce the psychological pressure), according to what is recommended site of the National Cancer Institute (Governmental institution). If you know someone who quit smoking talk with him about his experience, psychological support is reduce the tension caused by the resistance of addiction.

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