How To Repair Sun Skin Damage

How To Repair Sun Skin Damage, Skin that has become weak due to the sun’s rays can regain its luster and freshness treatment starts from taking aspirin tablet does not end scans blazing red wine region. Here are ten tips from specialists in the treatment of burns caused by exposure to sunlight.

repair sun skin damage
repair sun skin damage

The skin can become infected after exposure to the sun burns after a period of no more than 20 minutes, but the injury does not appear sometimes only after six hours. Thus, the human skin may burn without feeling. This was disclosed by an article published by the website of the newspaper “Daily Mail” British.

The infection usually classified within the first degree burns, one of the motivating elements for the emergence of skin cancer. So what should be done on the patient immediately after the injury?

1.Drink more fluids – non-alcoholic specifically: Once you feel the pain is spreading in the region that turned red as a result of arson, the “DNA” cells have been damaged, including displays for the possibility of cancer. Professor Stanley advised Peletan, from the British Skin Foundation, to take more fluids.

2. Avoid grease and Vaseline: Dr. Anjali Mahto advised, skin and skin specialist in the British Skin Foundation, avoiding the use of Vaseline and similar greases and ointments because they trap heat within the skin and prevent his recovery. But the shower with cold water may be the best option here.

3. Avoid using old ointments that you save in your pharmacy, because bacteria can affect them. This is true even on ointments treat exposure to the sun. He put ointment on the burn carries bacteria infection may fall ill.

4. Try using ointments dental pain, research has proved that the article “Pinzukain” contained ointment treatment influential dental pain has stopped burns caused by the sun pains.

5. Taking aspirin: If you do not have ulcers, you can take aspirin or “ibuprofen”, also it relieves pain and inflammation that causes skin redness.

6. Try to wipe tomatoes into the burn, as a study published in 2008 showed that creams containing the enzyme “Q10” is based on the article “lycopene” in tomatoes, which reduces wrinkle the skin and protects it from aging features.

7. Wipe the subject of burning red wine, has specialized studies have shown that the article “Rizirvatrul” in red wine may remove from the skin manifestations of combustion and its effects ugly.

8. You have to drink green tea, it contains high levels of antioxidants that provide protection against infections caused by exposure to the sun, also confirms specialists.

9. Use ointments and anti-wrinkle creams, which experience has shown that the impact may take some time, in the sense that the restoration of the skin freshness he have more patience and care.

10. When you go to the doctor? Sun exposure sometimes leads to the appearance of skin bubbles, in the sense that the burn turned into a second-class. Then the skin has arrived laceration and damage to the dermis layer that follow it, and here are severe pain are advised not to blow bubbles and visit a doctor quickly.

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