Spoiled Early-’00s Teen Girl Quiz

This “Yes Or No” Quiz Will Determine Whether Or Not You Were A Spoiled Early-’00s Teen Girl.

Did you accessorize your outfits with the Tiffany charm necklace?

Did you have several Lancôme Juicy Tubes in your makeup bag at all times?

Did you listen to all the music you downloaded from LimeWire on your iPod?

Did you own a Dooney & Bourke and/or Coach monogram bag?

Did you slip into a pair of monogrammed Coach sneakers?

Did you have a fake hair scrunchie for whenever you didn't feel like doing your hair?

Did You Wear Rhinestone Bebe T-shirts?

Did You Use Ralph Perfume?

Did You Own A ceramic flat iron?

Did You Have A short denim skirt?

Did You Own Thin sparkly scarves?

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