Strawberry Secrets

Strawberry secrets, Lemons oranges richer in vitamin “C”, Some information is repeated, but what many people do not know that strawberry is the richest in this vitamin. We offer you the unknown facts about this fruit, rich in vitamins that have emerged in the literature and singing.


Strawberries are classified in Biology within the platoon and the pink-called “attached to the fruit,” as it is made up of the flower ovary with other external parts of the flower, also known as the “Tut earth.” Strawberry sizes and types vary dramatically, small berries and the mismatch of them up to the size of an apple.

Strawberry is the fruit of perfectly appropriate community vitamins without excess calories, as supplies of strawberries covered by a large dose of vitamins while the proportion of calories by thermal very few. Strawberries and very rich in vitamin “C”, which more than accounted for in strawberries for the traditional sources of this vitamin, such as orange and lemon. At the same time, strawberry body supplying a large proportion of iron and folic acid, according to the German newspaper “Sueddeutsche Zeitung”.

It advised specialists in the field of natural medicine and alternative strawberries as an alternative to aspirin because of its richness Salicylic acid, which is used in the treatment of headache, pain relief tablets manufacturing.

In the world of literature, Strawberry has played a prominent role in the novel “Death in Venice” for the German Thomas Mann. The story revolves around a German writer goes to Venice, and in spite of all the warnings of buy food from street vendors because of the spread of the cholera epidemic, but that the writer can not resist eating strawberries in the city plagued by the epidemic.

As for ​​music, the song “Strawberry Fields” has achieved wide acclaim and became one of the most legendary Beatles songs. But the song did not address the strawberry fields in the literal sense, but it speaks to the orphanage in the British city of Liverpool with this name.

South Korea also maintains one of the largest festivals annually, which is known as “Strawberry Festival”, will be held in the largest Korean cities have productive.

One oddity is that rare strawberry fruit known as the “Onanolh,” a white strawberry-like fruits but the taste and smell similar to pineapple. I discovered this rare fruit in Latin America and has grown later in some European regions, according to the report, “Sueddeutsche Zeitung”.

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