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Learn What Tea Types Health Benefits

Today we’ll learn about tea types health benefits and take a look at the different types of tea and their health benefits, Tea is the most addressed drink after water.

Despite that black tea more famous types, but at least it fit on the health benefits of the green is the best because it contains antioxidants.

tea types
tea types

According to several medical studies confirmed that this tea to many health benefits, but in the world there are hundreds of species of tea trees, mostly black tea outweigh the health benefits of hand.
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has announced that the best tea is green, because it helps in reducing the level of harmful cholesterol, and reduces heart disease and its complications. Green tea also contains antioxidants and speeds up the metabolism helps to weight loss process.

green tea
green tea

The white tea helps in expanding arteries of the heart and avoid hardening of the arteries and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.
And white tea helps to protect the heart and blood vessels. And reduces the risk of cancer and improves digestive disorders and strengthens the immune system and protect against sexual problems.

The chamomile tea Viqi from insomnia, and calms the nerves and relieves anxiety.
On the other hand, the American Journal of Preventive Medicine confirmed that black tea protects the heart by reducing the level of cholesterol and Teragelesarad.

But according to the Mayo Clinic is the US the richest black tea with caffeine, which may hurt to suffer from high blood pressure and heart palpitations.

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