The Ideal Age For Pregnancy

The Ideal age for pregnancy, Dutch study found a range of estimates of the ideal age for a woman to give birth, which has been trying to calculate the success rate of a normal pregnancy, and the potential need for artificial insemination, taking into account the number of children desired .

The Ideal Age For Pregnancy
The Ideal Age For Pregnancy

According to the site, “Shi Knows” According to results of the study that, in the case of the desire to have three children under the artificial insemination of women are advised to begin to try reproduction at the age of 23 years, then it will be the expected success of 90 percent, but if women wait until the age of 35 will decrease the chances of success to 50 percent.

The study reported that if a woman is interested in one child with a willingness to accept the artificial insemination success rate would amount to 90 percent at the age of 35, and drops to 50 percent at the age of 42.

The study advised women who want to have a child one without any fertility treatments to try to start at the age of 32 or earlier, with an 90 percent success ratio attempt.

Results of the study women who want to build careers warned of the postponement of pregnancy, it has been shown that half of the women trying to get pregnant at the age of 40 have had recourse to artificial insemination or other fertility treatments.

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