Tips To Make Your Hair Longer

All women dreaming to get healthy hair, today we will give you some advises and tips can help you make your hair grow quickly.

Tips To Make Your Hair Longer
Tips To Make Your Hair Longer

First advice Get rid of bad habits :

Used with a soft brush fibers, no hair gathered on a ponytail when it’s still damp, avoid chemicals such as oxidation treatments, wrinkle, pigment or smoothing, reduced use of hair straighteners materials. Although the use of a hair dryer wholesale NFL jerseys is not recommended for hair straighteners, we recommend using a hair dryer to dry the roots ???? of to the hair after washing.

Maintained a healthy diet for your hair :

To get healthy hair , it is recommended to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and proteins. Free diet of proteins that can lead to wholesale MLB jerseys thinning hair or a delay in the growth cycle. The consumption cheap NFL jerseys of protein, it is recommended to eat fish, eggs, beans, milk and soy.

Do Scalp massage :

Try to massage the scalp when bathing or at least three times a week.

Soft Keep Scalp massage with fingers helps the blood flow to the scalp and the hair follicles and improves strength. Scalp massage gives a feeling of relaxation of the entire body which makes us feel more quietly after a shower.

Using Comb after shower  :

After bathing advised by combing wet hair comb and not by the brush.

When combing wet hair brush, the process of combing lead to break a lot and of hair while the normal comb hair does not break, especially as we have made a great effort to lengthen hair, make sure you are using a broad-comb teeth and combed hair slow movements and of course not ponytail while still wet.

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