Typical High Fiber Diet Plan

The high fiber diet can help weight loss, because the vegetable source of fiber are important components of the food being thermal few calories and rich in vitamins and minerals.

Typical High Fiber Diet Plan

Fiber play a key role in regulating weight and appetite and facilitate fiber digestion and speeds up metabolism, where that taking this kind of diet causes an increase in the stool and facilitates the digestion process, it became clear the importance of the role of fiber in the regulation of appetite as increasing the size of fiber in the stomach, which gives a sense of satiety.

Fiber also deliberately to slow down the passage of sugar in the blood which limits the phenomenon of eating between meals and increase the risk of sudden weight. Finally, the fibers tend to reduce the absorption of fat in foods: mixed fiber and fat in the dish, making it easier to get rid of the latter process.

Typical high fiber diet plan:

A large cup of breakfast cereals sugar-free with some milk.
You can replace the cup breakfast cereals with three pieces of wholemeal bread with white cheese, also you can replace the chicken, fish meat of all kinds and choose the sauce that fit (provided they are low in fat).
Vegetable salad with sauce vinegar + chicken breast and some Alaa with a little olive oil and lemon + share of the yogurt + a piece of whole wheat bread.
Share of the fruit.
Fish fillet with a little fried shallots with butter + share of the cheese + a piece of bread.
The evening meal:
Share of the fruit.

Fiber foods:

Fiber found in all plant products: fruit, vegetables, beans.
It occupies pulses ranked first in high-fiber foods (lentils, beans, beans, chickpeas, soy) and comes whole grains in second place (buckwheat, rice, rye, wheat, barley), followed by dried fruits (dates, dried apricots, prunes, figs) and nuts such as (walnuts, hazelnuts, olives, almonds).

Why high-fiber diet?

Fiber is good for the digestive system, It helps to make the stool soft and the mass fraction is found. so this helps to prevent constipation. Fiber is soluble found in whole wheat, corn and bran products, and flaxseed.

Soluble fiber is good for the heart and circulatory system, it may help lower blood cholesterol and help control blood sugar levels. Soluble fiber found in fruits and vegetables. It is also found in oat bran and oatmeal, barley, and legumes.

The fiber can also help in weight control.
When you add fiber to your diet, increase the amount slowly. It takes a little time for your body to get used to the additional fiber.

Foods that contain fiber are usually rich in nutrients and other substances as well.

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