Useful tips for cleaning wooden kitchen

Do you have a wooden kitchen? Here are some tips for cleaning wooden kitchen cabinets in the easiest way possible.

Cleaning wooden kitchen

The first step that you must follow to clean the wooden cabinets, their contents are directed so as not to be affected by detergents that may you place, and also this is a good opportunity to review what there is in this cupboards and get rid of everything you do not you need it.

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1. Usual cleaning

My little cleaning fluid in dishes filled with warm water and a bowl, and then Start to clean the cabinets using a piece of cloth dipped in the liquid, Wipe cabinets sponge with water to remove the remains of the cleaning liquid, then Wipe dry with a towel so as not to damage the wood.

2. Cleaning with baking soda

Use a mixture of baking soda and water to remove grease and fat hard, clean the cabinets with a sponge to remove accumulations of grease, then wash with water and dry well.

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3. Cleaning with vinegar

Add white vinegar to the water means clean dishes and mix it well, put a cup of white vinegar with two cups of water and two tablespoons of liquid cleaning dishes and mix, Put little of mixture onto a sponge, and licked her cupboards, and then rinse with water using a damp cloth and then Wipe dry.

4. Cleaning with borax

Add half a cup of borax into the water and vinegar mixture and liquid cleaning dishes, put a little of the mixture on a sponge, and wipe out cupboards and then rinse with water using a damp cloth and then Wipe dry.

Some important tips during cleaning:

When cleaning kitchen cabinets, be careful not to clean violently, so as not to to remove or scratch the outer layer of paint.

Seek the help of a brush to clean the teeth of the corners of cabinets, which can not be accessed through the cloth or sponge normal.

After the completion of cleaning cupboards any cleaner, make sure to rinse the cupboards with water, then dry them well until the rot of the wood does not occur.

Wash cabinets handles well, and if you can polish the metal pieces with lemon and packing soda.

Use a special detergent timber after completion of the cleaning to ensure complete cleanliness.

Use Polisher for wood after completion of the cleaning, to re-sparkle to your kitchen cabinets.

When polishing the wood, use a clean, dry soft towel, to avoid scratching the wood, be sure to clean cupboards before polishing.

Be careful not to use detergent is not suitable for wood, so no exposed wood kitchen damaged.

Wipe your kitchen cabinets every day after the completion of the cooking, using cutting cloth dampened with a mixture of water and vinegar.

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