Water Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

Water diet review, Drink water frequently something very useful for those who want to lose weight, this so-called “water diet”, all you need to succeed in it and be able to lose weight is to follow certain steps along with your meals, to be less weight in less time, according to what was said site “Wiki How” site.

Water Diet
Water Diet Plan

We offer you here a certain program for “water diet” over the 6 days, to be the outcome of underweight 5 kilograms:

The first day
Drink 8 cups of cold water mixed with ice cubes throughout the day, while for main meals Eating fresh apple juice or manufactured at home without any additions.

Second day
Drink two cups of additional water – EZ number to 10 cups – The food you eat carrots to reduce the feeling of hunger.

The third day
You can drink 8 to 10 glasses of water, and allows you to eat what you wish of fruits and vegetables, whether boiled or steamed cooked without salt.

Fourth day
Along with the 8 cups water, you can drink milk and eat bananas, but without vegetables or fruits on this day.

The fifth day
Supposed to have lost about 3 kilograms of weight if this diet followed accurately, and for this you should drink 10 glasses of water a day, eat with between 6 to 10 medium-sized grains of tomatoes.

Sixth day
In this day is supposed to be has lost about 5 kilograms, at that point you can eat normally, but you should try to stay away from fatty foods and more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Dr. “Susan Kleiner,” Specialist US nutrition Confirmed that water helps get rid of toxins and prevents the formation of macro-stones and the greater the amount of lost water from the body increases the weakness of the brain and that the water has an interest in protection against tumors such as breast, colon, prostate and kidney, it’s recommended to drink a liter and a half of water a day.

The idea of ​​diet water depends on the intake of four cups of water every single capacity of 160 ml on an empty stomach and not eat any food until after the lapse of forty-five minutes, taking into account that begins increase the amount of water  as experts in “Japan Federation of disease” are advised not to eat any food or syrup during the next two hours for each of breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the dissemination of “Japan Federation of Diseases” experience for the treatment of water, proved a success rate of 100% for the treatment of old and new diseases.

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