Find out why baby crying from his eyes!

Our children are the most important thing we have, and always strive to comfort and satisfy all their needs from birth, but you may come across some difficulties in the interpretation of their needs, So you feel powerless when you hear your baby cry, When not being able to explain why this cry, breaks your heart when you try to discover the cause.

How to know why baby crying

Is he tired, wants to sleep or is he still hungry?
Do you have to change the diaper?
Do he or she suffer from some pain?
There are many reasons to cry, but he has nothing but crying to express them.
Recently a medical study published in Span that claim that you can find out why the child is crying by his way of crying and shape of his eyes.


Researchers at the University of Valencia, the Spanish study of 20 infants between the ages of 3 and 18 months, and focused on the situation of these children during the weeping and how the parents respond to the cries, and concluded that a child who feels anger, fear or hunger keeps open his eyes during crying, while a child who suffers from pain as he closes his eyes through the tears.

The study also pointed out that the change in the dynamic cry expresses its causes, because they are often less focused unit, if the baby was angry at something, but if intensified crying, it means that he suffers from pain or fear.

And how the parents respond to the crying of children, the study showed it easier for them to know that the child’s crying caused by a sense of pain and can distinguish it quickly, but difficult for them to interpret the output crying child a feeling of anger or fear.

Study author Dr. Mariano Collis also confirmed that “crying is the way a child’s basic to connect with others to express negative emotions, and in most cases it may be the only way to express any desire or need to have.”

She continued that “in spite of the difficulty of knowing the reasons for crying, but that when babies cry because of the pain, it causes more nervous about what happens when you are crying because of fear or hunger impact.”

Thus we conclude from this study that the child closes his eyes during crying when he feels pain, such as colic or inflammation diapers or if he was suffering from inflammation of the ear or due to the emergence of one of his teeth.

But he keeps his eyes open, weeping if hungry or angry or nervous or fear or discomfort to the absence of his mother near him or diaper is full or if the child was  tired and wants to sleep.

It will look like in order to interpret your baby crying in the beginning and to achieve what he wants is the most difficult task at all, but with time Statadin to understand accents crying and shape of his face and his eyes and some of his moves, too, issued by crying with an expression of his wishes.

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