Women’s Health

When women’s health be good, she will have the energy and strength to her daily perform work, In order to perform many tasks that  expensive to her, in families and communities and the adoption of satisfactory relationships with others, In other words, women’s health affects in all areas of their lives.

Women's Health


Often daily business events on pressing the women, causing tension in her body, the tension could arise from physical problems, such as disease or stress at work, It may arise from psychological events such as the conflict in the family or blame women because of the problems can not be controlled.
Even events that brings pleasure such as the birth of a child or received new work may cause pressure, because it is a change occur in woman’s life.
When women face many pressures every day, for a long time, she may begin to feel that pressure exceeds capacity, and it is no longer afford to live with, The problem may increase if they have kept to care about others first and neglects own needs.


Woman’s body is complex by nature, means that every stage of her life different from the other and the reason for this difference is the feminine hormones (estrogen and progesterone).
Hormones are chemical substances produced by endocrine and liberated the body to affect its members and their functions, and changes since the inseparability of the female uterine life and lies in the composition of the genitals and the most important of the ovaries which in turn complement the secretion of hormones after birth.


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