2016 Winter Fashion Trends

2016 winter fashion trends, Characterized by women’s fashion in the Fall Winter 2015/2016 comfortable in nature and is based on flexible materials such as knitting and Jeersea that give women a sense of warm, German fashion expert Gerd Mueller, Tomkins said that encases the casual nature of women’s fashion this fall where displace Sports Shorts (Jog Pant) comfortable jeans sticking to the body (Skinny) for the throne of fashion, despite the casual nature, but that overlooks Sports Shorts this season pronounce luxury designs.

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Greater than Size:
For its part, an expert fashion German Ennis Mairose said that fashion autumn experiencing great demand for ores Sufi strong and knitted thick for a sense of warmth, as well as the largest clothing size (Oversize) with casual story, which is a matter of feeling comfortable, and its vocabulary larger View of size in baggy pants with wide legs and jackets with padded shoulders and long coats.

Multiple layers:
In turn, the advisor shopping German Catherine Schultz said that the multi-layered (Layering) is one of appearances blockbuster strongly this season; where are wearing more pieces of different lengths over each other, like a blouse and sweater and jacket, and see Mairose that these views are not a source of warmth only , but also fit the rhythm of modern women, which plays many roles in the life of our time.

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