Three home recipes to get rid of cough

Today we’ll give you three home recipes to get rid of cough.

Three home recipes to get rid of coughCough and cold are all symptoms associated with winter, Currently not without a home from the presence of cold symptoms by, so we offer you some natural recipes that save you from these symptoms.

1. Guava leaves to treat cough:
Eat boiled guava tree leaves hot drink helps spectacularly in the treatment of severe coughing and coughing. Guava trees rich in many benefits for the body but leaves famous treating colds and coughs as they are reducing the phlegm that causes cough, which usually have an environment to be viruses.

2. Gurgling effective treatment for cold:
Make a mixture of warm water and a few drops of apple cider vinegar and salt water and then Make a gargle for 30 seconds to clean the throat of phlegm, repeat this recipe twice to three times a day until you feel better.

The water vapor to treat colds and nasal

3. The water vapor to treat colds and nasal congestion:
If you suffer from difficulty sleeping at night because of the cold or nasal congestion, inhale the rising steam from the hot water bath, it will help to treat nasal congestion in quick time helping you get a better night’s sleep during colds.
How to use water vapor:
Fill the cup with hot water and then closeness face of it so that it is just 10 cm, but not close up too much so as not to burn your face, then cover your head from behind with a towel to focus steam on the face instead of billowing away.

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