5 Hair Dye Negative Side Effects

Hair dye doesn’t cause damage in your skin, except in cases where women suffer from allergies of a dye components In that case, severe infections of the skin anywhere dye happen and then leaves darken impact in that region skin and in most cases should stay away from contact with the dye to the skin during hair coloring to avoid any damage.

Hair coloring

Hair loss

As for the effect of the dye on the hair it stronger and more dangerous where it causes the dye in the hair loss and body-and there are a lot of types of pigments available in the market and working to weaken the bark of the hair and thus damage the hair completely and loses its special freshness when excessive use of the dye to the experts recommended after hair dye repeatedly and it must be a period between each time you where hair dyed a minimum of four weeks.

Toxic substances

Accumulate toxic substances on the hair and scalp due to excessive use of pigments, as the concentration of those chemicals inside the body’s rate increases, which affect negatively on the entire health of the body also affects the fetus in the case of a pregnancy also affects the child who suckles naturally from his mother, where more than One hundred substance and a chemical element within the pigments, all of which combine to make up the damage to its user rights, especially asthma and shortness of breath patients because there are some pungent smell dyes materials.

Swelling of the face

There are a lot of side effects, which appear after the use of pigments, including swelling of the face and scalp irritation and allergies and breathing difficulty, it is known that this is all due to the formation of pigments, which is mainly based on hydrogen and ammonia peroxide which work together to modify the installation and is considered the types of pigments with dark colors more dangerous to the poetry of others with colors for this are advised to use temporary dyes.

Hair dye and your Fetus

It is necessary to avoid the use of dyes during pregnancy that poses a significant risk to the fetus can also cause sensitivity to pregnant women and therefore the handling of the anti-allergy medicines affect the health of the fetus.

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