5 Negative Effects Of Henna On Hair

Henna is an ancient recipes for hair care used in the blends of hair dye and straighten and prevent hair loss, but there are some negative effects to use henna  included in the following five points:

negative effects of henna on hair

1- You must be sure about your decision to use  henna to change the color of your hair or even as a makeup, because removing it from your hair is a difficult task, especially if  the result of color wasn’t as you expected.

Henna encapsulate the hair do not go away with time like a regular hair dye, but go away with hair growth.

2 – You shouldn’t dye hair after henna dye unusual, as the chemicals will not be able to penetrate the color on the hair only after 5 months at least. If your hair color looked very opening after treatment with henna, try using henna darker to modify the effect. Dress mixing henna powder with hot black tea or a dark color of coffee.

3- Prevents using it on hair that newly dyed hair or the way Highlight dyed, That can react with chemicals in your hair and turning its color to color is never desirable.

4- Henna may cause drought for your hair, especially for women with dry or normal hair

So, be sure to wet on a daily basis to keep your hair, and to keep healthy scalp. It also advises the development of a suitable oil for hair henna after day.

how to feed hair follicles
5- Make sure when you buy henna to be original in markets where there are a lot of counterfeit her material, which cause an allergic reaction in the scalp and other skin diseases, as they hurt your hair and make it fall rapidly.

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