Alabama senator endorses Trump as rivals meet for debate

Sen. Katie Britt, R-Ala., announced Wednesday that she is endorsing former President Donald Trump, locking down Trump’s 2024 support from the state’s whole Republican congressional delegation.

With Britt’s endorsement, Trump now has the backing of both Alabama senators and all six Alabama GOP House members. And Britt’s announcement comes as Trump’s rivals for the Republican nomination are set to face off in another debate Wednesday night in Alabama.

“One candidate has already proven he’s more than up for the job — because he’s done the job successfully. There is one candidate I know will secure the border — because he’s done it. There is one candidate I know will achieve peace through strength — because he’s done it,” Britt wrote in an op-ed in Yellowhammer News.

“And that’s why President Donald Trump has my endorsement to be our 47th President,” Britt wrote.

Most of Alabama’s congressional members had backed Trump late last year or back in August.

Trump eventually endorsed Britt in last year’s GOP Senate primary after initially supporting former GOP Rep. Mo Brooks. Trump withdrew his endorsement of Brooks after the congressman encouraged Republicans to move past the 2020 election, and Britt went on to defeat Brooks in a primary runoff.

Britt is the 15th GOP senator to endorse Trump. A couple senators had endorsed North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, but both men have since ended their presidential runs.

Garrett Haake contributed.