Alec Baldwin escorted by police after heated confrontation at pro-Palestinian rally in NYC

Actor Alec Baldwin appeared at a pro-Palestinian demonstration in New York City on Monday and was filmed getting into a heated clash with a protester that culminated with the star being escorted away by police.

It’s not clear why Baldwin was in the area or what exactly led up to the confrontation at the Manhattan rally. 

Video of the incident shows the 65-year-old actor speaking to two or three protesters with a serious look on his face. 

At one point he says to one protester, “That’s my business. That’s my business.”

A protester is heard asking Baldwin, “You work for Hollywood, do you condemn Israel?”

“You’ve already made up your mind … every question you’ve got, right?” Baldwin replied. “I’m in Hollywood’s pockets, you said? You ask stupid questions. Ask me a smart question! Ask a smart question!” as he pushed his body into that protester. 

Then several police officers surrounded Baldwin and escorted him away from the crowd. 

The protester yelled, “Go f— yourself” and “Why did you even come here?” and Baldwin appeared to yell back, “Shut the f— up” as he was escorted away. 

Neither a representative for Baldwin nor the New York City Police Department responded to requests for comment on the incident.