9 Tips To Avoid stress and Protect Against Cancer

The psychological stress of the things that must avoid, Is causes a serious of health problems, tension increases the risk of infections in the body, and paves the way for the injury to many diseases. According to the site, “Bold Sky” on news of health, studies have shown that stress is linked to the fact the injury of cancer, it also leads to increased proliferation of cancer cells in the body. Here Here are 9 tips to overcome the psychological stress or chronic stress, and thus prevent cancer and reduce the spread of cancer cells for patients with cancer, which is as follows:

Sleeping diet review1 – The good sleep as the tension can lead to cancer, so it is necessary to take enough rest and sleep well to overcome that.

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2 – The practice of sport the “Tai Chi” Tai Chi is one of the advanced mathematics for spiritual martial arts in Asia, and help do in easing tension and stress, and helps in the treatment of depression as well.

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3 – Exercise regularly considered to exercise regularly the perfect solution to reduce stress levels in the body, in order to avoid diseases.

4 – Meditation, studies have shown that meditation for 10 minutes a day helps to get rid of stress.

5 – Mental alertness cognitive therapy based on mental alertness, which is based on learning the skills that prevent tensions, such as breath control, is one of the effective anti-depressant.

6 – The practice of yoga is the practice of yoga regularly effective means to reduce stress levels, it also improves the quality of sleep and enhances immunity.

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7 – Social cohesion isolation from society exacerbates the tension, so it is advisable to strengthen social relationships and going out with friends and family to reduce stress.

8 – love of nature to sit on the sea or a stroll in the gardens and inhaling fresh air, is one of the effective ways to get rid of tension, which is one of the main causes of a number of serious diseases.

9 – Music therapy is listening to music from a very successful means of reducing anxiety and stress levels in the body.

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