Best Exercise Foods

There isn’t a special exercise foods or drinks, But it is important to replace lost fluids, and provide carbohydrates to keep blood sugar levels during training, Gels or energy incentives, or sports drinks can be an effective way to provide the body with energy, but it is not necessary.

Best exercise foods
Best exercise foods

Healthy food provides the same energy provided by these products.
For some athletes, eating solid food in the middle of training can cause disturbance in the digestive tract, In these cases, eating soft gels energy consumption materials, be useful.

Food should be determined and useful to the body fluids when training on an individual basis taking into account the health status of the athlete, as well as the duration and intensity of training.

Best exercise foods

1. Beet juice:
Beet juice increases stamina by up to 16%.

2. Honey:
It helps honey before exercise in maintaining the stability of the level of sugar and insulin in the blood for longer periods.

3. Peas:
Pea proteins help to delay fatigue during exercise.

4. Sour cherry:
Cherry juice helps in alleviating the pain and reduce the proportion of physical fatigue. Although the fresh sour cherry is available only in the late summer season, it can be replaced by frozen or dried cherries or juice.

5. Salmon:
Helps fatty acids omega-3 in the fight against heart disease and reduce the risk of diabetes, and also in muscle growth. Preferably eating salmon a few times a week.

6. Watermelon:
Help eating watermelon hour before exercise in relieving muscle soreness, thanks material “Cetrawlin” that improve the performance of the arteries and lower blood pressure.

7. Pomegranate:
Help antioxidants that are contained in pomegranate enhance memory and brain activity, and also it works as energy recovery.

8. Coffee:
Eating carbohydrates and caffeine after exercise in bridging the shortage of glycogen, which is stored carbohydrates.

9. Dark chocolate:
Leads eating dark chocolate before exercise sufficient time to increase antioxidants in the blood and reduce the signs of stress resulting from the exercise.

Is it better training with an empty stomach?

Your body needs fuel to perform it functions, especially when running, jumping, swimming, or lifting weights.
You shouldn’t skip your  breakfast, It was found that eating before exercise compared with exercise and human fasting improves exercise performance.

Eating in the morning helps to renew glycogen in the liver and prove blood sugar levels, If it was hard to digest solid food in the morning, you should try fruit juice, or liquid meal, and do not forget to drink water before exercise.

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