Brandon Maxwell Spring 2019 Collection

We are still in the American Fashion Week and still have our eyes on the platforms waiting for what’s new for the autumn and winter of 2019. Our date was with Brandon Maxwell, one of the most famous American designers who has not hesitated this year to bring his case to the podium But Brandon made this offer for his mother, who was suffering from breast cancer, not only for her, but for all the ladies around the world. This is why fashion is more conservative by its cuts and pattern as protective shields to protect the body from any external danger.

The return of the satin again, which we noticed in this presentation, is that Brandon actually made use of satin fabric, which is one of the most delicate and difficult types of fabrics. His first choice was in the loose shirts with long Pencil Cut skirts, pants, or some loose jackets at the shoulders or even in night shirts.

In the last part of the show, the share was to look at the months in which we seemed to be influenced by Megan Markle in terms of style.
Megan, in her final appearance, wore a white shirt with a long skirt, and on the podium there was something like him but a more American stiletto.
Long skirts with the long-sleeved shirts with the long sleeves appeared with the cap on the shoulders with the belts on the waist. The choice of colors was smooth and varied between bright blue, black or fuchsia color. There was not much complexity and exaggeration on the accessories side, but we were satisfied with seeing soft earlobes and drop-outs and very casual hairstyles.

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