Carob Benefits & Nutrition Facts

Carob considered by some as the best alternative to chocolate, where it enjoys a wonderful taste and high nutritional value and at the same time does not contain high calories, according to a report recently published the location of “health care” the US.

Carob benefits

Carob nutrition facts:

The report pointed out that carob contains high concentrations of calcium and iron, and also good concentrations of folic acid and vitamin “e”, niacin, riboflavin, copper, potassium, manganese, selenium and plant fibers, which are all elements contribute to enhancing human health significantly.

A medical study has shown that eating carob twice daily for 4 weeks contribute to the reduction of cholesterol levels in the blood, as it is rich in compounds polyphenols that enhance the reduction of cholesterol, and also contribute to reduce the chances of developing cancer, especially cervical cancer as recent research has shown.
Carob and contributes in controlling blood sugar levels and organize the work of the hormone insulin, because it contains high levels of natural fibers, and also can not overlook the health benefits of carob exciting in promoting the process of digestion.

How do we use Carob?

– You can grind carob powder and add to the milk to resemble so drink hot chocolate.
– You can add a tablespoon of carob powder for baking.
– Can be added to the carob powder Yogurt and also can be used as seeds and roasted carob and use it instead of coffee.

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