How To Make Carrot oil at home

Welcome to EveHow, Today we show you easy and sample way to prepare Carrot oil at home.

How To Make Carrot oil at home
Carrot contains many health benefits and essential vitamins and minerals for the construction of the body, as it helps to purify the blood and improve eyesight and tissue growth in a balanced way, also it protects against sun damage, and helps to heal tissue. But despite all its benefits, but it is used and effectively in the aesthetics of the skin, skin, hair, he has a lot of material, which enhances the beauty that highlighted extracted carrot oil from the fruit itself, and we can get ready to Attar, or we made ourselves home.

Calories In Carrots

Carrot oil Benefit:

For the beauty and health of your hair.
Calm the nerves and get rid of stress and insomnia.
Very effectively whiten the skin.
Get rid of the cost of pregnancy.
Get rid of the effects of acne.
Tighten the skin and alleviate wrinkles.

Prepare homemade carrot oil:

Cup coconut oil.
Large grated carrot.
A clean bowl.
Dry napkin.
Bottle clean.

How to prepare:
Bring Java handkerchief my situation it grated carrot and pressure them well to absorb the water from the inside.
Put the carrots with coconut oil in a clean container.
Place the dish in a steam bath and leave three hours until it melts the carrot, Then filter the mixture in a clean towel.
Put the carrot oil in a clean bottle and store it in the refrigerator to use it.

Carrot oil as hair treatment:

Carrot oil can be used as hair treatment, in order to get healthy and strong hair, where it can be applied directly to the scalp to ensure the growth of hair, as it applies to the parties to prevent the ends of the hair of the division.

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