Cheeseburger recipe easy & fast

Today on EveHow we give you an easy and fast Cheeseburger recipe to prepare it at home your self.

500g minced meat + 2 tbsp tomato sauce + tablespoon refundable + teaspoon dried minced onions + large spoon and Rschystr sauce + salt and pepper Brown +5 tortilla chips +1 1/2 cup cheddar cheese + tomato slices + lettuce + pickled cucumber slices + ketchup + refundable.


How to prepare:

In a large skillet Put the tablespoon of oil, then add the chopped meat and my heart until it turns to the color brown then add the tomato sauce and recovered and thieves and Rschystr, onion powder, salt and pepper and mix it well.

Then leave the mixture on the fire until the meat is cooked, then unfold the tortilla chips and put the cheese in the middle of each one lengthwise and spread the mixture, Put the meat and add-ons (tomatoes, lettuce, ketchup) as desired and then for in a good tortilla.

Then put the cheeseburger on an electric grill until the cheese melts and it’ll be ready.

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