Easy & Fast Chickpea flour crepes recipe

Today on Evehow we give an easy recipe to make Chickpeas flour crepes at home.
Chickpea plant is summer and winter species of legumes, and formed Grain centuries in a small oval-shaped, each containing a corn of which one pill or two, the original territory of the Mediterranean basin habitat, and it’s one of the most legume varieties consumed in the world.

Chickpea flour crepes recipe

Chickpea flour crepes recipeIngredients:
3/4 cup of Chickpeas flour.
1 Large tablespoon of starch.
2 large tablespoon of corn oil.
1/2 cup of water + 1 small teaspoon salt.

How to make crepe at home

How to prepare:
Mix flour with starch, a large oil tablespoon corn and salt water and then gradually added to the mixture, stirring until we get the dough is somewhat fluid, Then paint pan with oil, then place the crepe over medium heat.

– Circular sector placed in the middle of the pan, and pour a bit of dough out and leave for two minutes or until cooked from the bottom, then lift the sector and stir crape on the other side and leave for two minutes Repeat the previous steps with the rest of the amount of the mixture.
– Put the crape unites in serving dish and served with different fillings such as poached chicken, vegetables or fruit with honey.

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