Climbing stairs keeps the brain young

Climbing stairs keeps the brain young, For as long as you’ve heard that perform regular physical activity whatsoever, As climbing stairs rather than use the elevator or walking distances medium can help you to keep your health and you shape in good standing.

Climbing stairs keeps the brain young

However, that you don’t know is what this study found, a Canadian study In the study, carried out by a team from Concordia University’s Montreal-based PERFORM Centre,, which concluded that the physical activity that will maintain the health of the brain and contribute to the maintenance work of the brain cells.

Climbing stairs maintains a “young brain”:

The study was conducted on about 331 volunteers, from different ages, and carried out by a group of experts and specialists Canadians.

The study concluded that the rise of nearly 20 degrees a day can make brain ages smaller by nearly seven months of real old, it also reduces the effects of aging that affects the work of the cells, and makes their work more smoothly and links them softer and more speed.

Climb stairs Activity charger

As the various activities that contribute to the preservation of brain activity and strength can, the rise of peace is the activity that is accessible to everyone, as it does not require dedicated time and financial investment.
Most people can dispense with the use of the lifts in reaching the office or home and use the stairs.

Also, a significant proportion of people are actually using the stairs, at least once a day, would this information to fire them up and raise their morale and cause them to continue in this health habit.

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