3 Cough Natural Remedies

Cough is a natural defensive reflex, reaction is carried out by the body to get rid of substances that irritate the airways and despite the inconvenience caused but it is essential for human health, The sharp cough if suddenly began and lasted less than 2-3 weeks and chronic if continued over it is often the result of a late cough and runny flu.

3 Cough Natural Remedies
3 Cough Natural Remedies

The cough of the most important symptoms that may resort because of the patient to the doctor may be a simple symptoms associated with a cold, and may be an indicator of disease the most important multi-respiratory or other devices, it is the most common disease states, and asks where patients usually help from the pharmacist to manage, and it is often accompanied by cough with common colds and is therefore self-Negotiable for treatment in most cases.
In the case of the back of cough without the presence of symptoms indicate infection is common colds must convert the patient for medical evaluation, as well as be accompanied by a fever or shortening breaths.

We offer you through this report 3 natural recipes that contribute to the treatment of cough and reduction, and that the deployment of location as “health care” in US.

1. Thyme
Thyme officially used in Germany as a recipe against natural cough, sore throat, pneumonia, whooping cough, as it contains natural substances challenge of cough and reduce inflammation levels, and is also working to expand the airways. Use two tablespoons of thyme put them a glass of water, then boil and wait 10 minutes and then taking it.

2. Flax seeds with honey and lemon
This mixture works as a natural antibiotic and reduce coughing, and use Boil 3 tablespoons of flaxseed after adding a cup of water, then add 3 teaspoons of honey and lemon juice. How to use eating a teaspoon of this mixture if necessary.

3. Almonds
Grind some of the beans and add the almonds by Cuba of orange juice, eat the mixture if necessary, where it contributes to ease bronchitis and cough.


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