Easy and fast crispy hot dogs recipe

If you’re a fan of Fast food shops you can abandon unsecured street food, Make for yourself and your friends Easy and fast crispy hot dogs recipe to make at home like that you eat at restaurants.

Easy and fast crispy hot dogs recipe
¾ Cup of corn flour.
¾ Cup of  flour.
¾ Cup of milk.
2 Small hanging of baking powder.
1 Small hanging of salt.
1 Egg.
250 Grams of hot dogs small size.

How to prepare:
– Put the oil in a deep frying pan Put the hot dogs over medium heat.
– Put a wooden stick in a half hot dogs.
– In his urine Mix flour, salt, baking powder and milk well.
– Dip hot dogs well in the cornmeal mixture.
– Put harps gently in hot oil, you can put about 3-4 of hot dogs together.
– When the color turns golden brown color take t out of oil, and now your crispy hot dog is ready.

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