The New Dangers Of Antibiotics

Antibiotic dangers again, The World Health Organization (WHO) warned recently of the growing phenomenon of the body’s resistance to antibiotics, due to the popularity of addressed incorrectly calculated, and confirmed that we may get to the day when the normal microbial diseases become lethal and cause and we missed, due to the inability of the body control.

The New Dangers Of Antibiotic
The New Dangers Of Antibiotic

In this article, we highlight the most prominent cases in which you must refrain from eating antibiotics so as not to resist the body, so as posted on the site “Readers summary” US, which includes:

Middle ear infections:
Most pathological symptoms that afflict the ear improve with the passage of time, especially if the patient is a child two or more years old and has, so have to wait two or three days to see if symptoms disappear or not.
When should you take it?
If a child who has been under the age of 6 months for the pain of the ear must be to get directly to the antibiotic, and the children aged between 6 months and two years, you should get the antibiotic if suffering from moderate pain to severe pain, and the children who are beyond the age of two years , we should decide their access to the antibiotic if suffering from severe symptoms such as high heat for 39 Selezaos and exit discharge from the ear.

2. Skin Eczema:
If you are infected with the disease, the antibiotics will not help in the treatment of itching and redness of the skin, but you can use a moisturizing cream or ointment.
When to use the antibiotic?
If your skin appeared on injury indicators for the emergence of bacterial infection such as ulcers full of pus, and also if the temperature rise.

3. Eye infection:
Often doctors to their patients eye drops containing antibiotics after the treatment of certain eye diseases suffer from it using injections such as macular degeneration disease describes, and that despite the fact that these cases often do not call it, has antibiotic cause inflammation and irritation Eye.
When we turn to it?
If the person was injured bacterial eye infections, and infected during which symptoms: redness and swelling of the eye and tears with the appearance of pus and blurred vision, may be in this case the use of the antibiotic.

4. Respiratory infection:
Colds, flu and most types of cough, bronchitis is often caused by a virus and not bacteria, so you must get the antibiotic only event of continued coughing more than two weeks or a severe rise in temperature and continued for so long, or if proven laboratory tests and the presence of bacteria already.

5. Sinusitis:
The majority of cases is caused by viruses, and also that a sinus infection caused by bacteria recover within a week. When we have to be addressed? If symptoms become severe or symptoms do not improve within 10 days or worsened the situation improved after that period.
6.Urinary tract infection:
A lot of times doctors antibiotics for patients senior describes the age anyway Note the presence of bacteria in the urine, even if the patients did not suffer from any symptoms, and therefore these drugs will not occur any significant benefit, and will happen to the body’s resistance to it, and should only get antibiotics if burning sensation during urination feeling with frequent desire to urinate.

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