How To Make Diet Smoothy Easily

Smoothy diet depends on the status of all vegetables by it so it is very useful to your body and at the same time saves you from excess weight.

The Smoothy drink provides your body with the energy needed to do the daily work, detoxifies it, strengthens the immune system, and can not forget the benefits of aesthetic sebum. It helps you get rid of skin impurities and restore their freshness, along with moisturizing them, especially if you do not like drinking water.

Diet Smoothy Ingredients :

– A cup of Spinach.
– A cup of lettuce.
– A cup of parsley.
– A up of Broccoli.
– A cup of  cucumber.
– A cup of water.
– A cup and a half avocado.
– One and a half cups bananas.
– A cup and a half mango.
– A cup and a half apples.

How to prepare:

– Mix all vegetables with water in a blender well to become a green liquid.

– Peel the fruit and cut it, then add to the mixture and mix again.

– You’ll get a healthy and healthy green Smoothy, you should eat it daily in the morning!

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