DIY Honey Soap To Unify Skin Color

The use of soap on the skin is not recommended by cosmetic experts because it contains a lot of chemicals that negatively affect the freshness and softness of the skin.
So today we’ll show you how to make honey and sesame oil soap that prepared through 100% natural materials, which have the perfect benefits for a fresh and youthful complexion.
DIY Honey Soap To Unify Skin ColorIngredients:
A glass of sesame oil.
Two tablespoons of natural honey.
Two tablespoons of glycerine oil.
Four tablespoons of chamomile tea.
Six tablespoons of beeswax.
Two tablespoons of sunflower oil.
One-quarter spoonful of baking soda.

Method of Preparation:
In the pot on the fire, put all the ingredients mentioned above. Leave the mixture on medium heat, and keep it moving from time to time. When all ingredients dissolve, remove the mixture from the fire and pour it directly into soap molds.
Then, put the soap in a cool, dry place until it completely freezes and becomes usable.

Use honey and sesame oil once daily in the morning to take care of the skin of your face, so keep your face bright and always white.

Honey Soap Benefits:
Cleans the skin from dirt, bacteria and bacteria, thus protecting it from blisters and acne.
The skin gives the softness, radiance and freshness, and gives it a bright white color.
Nourishes the skin in depth and resists dehydration.
Contain antioxidants that will reduce the appearance of signs of aging and cell regeneration.
Works to unify the skin tone and give it a double layer

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