Dog Most Dramatic Ending Ever


I’m here on my day off your range and i am with Winfrey so I mean really careful because he has been a little bit by E but it’s only because he is in extreme amounts of pain.
So we try not to judge a dog’s temperament when they buy a pain I mean I probably by 25 possibly had broken legs and a broken pelvis, so he’s a man to Dallas Animal Services just a couple days ago.

dog-most-dramatic-ending-everHe was on an urgent because they did not want to see him suffer, they said someone needs to get him out of here because we’re not going to just let them sit there in pain needs more care than we have staff or so.
Basically they think he was hit by a car but he also has puncture wounds all kind of around his neck so we’re not really sure what happened, like most of these cases we are going to examine carefully and then we’re gonna sedate him and then place an IV catheter, because we definitely want to get some really good x rays and the only way we’re gonna be able to position to do, that is if he’s completely sedated because we don’t want to hurt him.

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