Easy Recipe To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

How to get rid of dark circles naturally, There are multiple explanations and reasons for the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.
Including that the blood vessels around the eyes expand and grow in size as a result of raised ( sun, dust or allergies …) and thus become even more melanin (skin pigment material) and thus darkening the area around the eye occurs.


And today on EveHow we’ll provide you easy and natural recipe will help you to remove dark circles under your eyes.

Easy Recipe to get rid of dark circles at home:

Dark circles crisis roiling lot Lose hide the beauty of the eyes give the appearance of improper seem Older and more onerous
Here’s this natural mixture that helps in the treatment of black under the eyes easily and without any side effects.
Mix remove black components under the eyes:
• teaspoon yeast
• teaspoon starch
• half a teaspoon of olive oil mixture
• ½ teaspoon sesame oil
• half teaspoon honey well-made

get rid of dark circles
get rid of dark circles

Recipe preparation method:

Mix the yeast, starch with olive oil, sesame seeds, honey, and mix modes on the area under the eyes without touching the eyelids for a period of 30 minutes, then wash your face with lukewarm water.
Repeat this mixture to remove the black under your eyes for 3 weeks and you will feel a noticeable improvement in this area.
Try mixture Now do not forget to tell us about their results on your skin, Join us your opinion.

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