Amazing Elie Saab wedding dresses 2016

Elie Saab was born in 1964, is a Lebanese fashion designer, his talent emerged when he was in ninth was cut curtains and cloth tables for making dresses for his sisters and was painted dresses on paper.
When seventeen-old became a fashion designer to study in Paris, and returned to Lebanon in 1982 and opened an operator in Beirut.

And in 1997 he introduced the first of its own group outside Lebanon in Italy, the first Arabic fashion designer shows at Fashion Week in Rome. And launched a line of garments in Milan, and then moved to Paris and began offering high-sewing garments at Fashion Week. In 2002, actress Halle Berry wore a dress from a difficult design in the Oscars, and won the award for Best Actress, and became Elie Saab design of many of the stars of Hollywood and the world.
Designed Elie Saab dresses for Hollywood stars as where he designed a dress for Angelina Jolie wore to the Academy sixth eighty awards ceremony in March 2014.

Today we share with you Amazing Elie Saab wedding dresses 2016:

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