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If you wont to knew most purpler hair loss causes, we’ll provide you in this post what you want.
Hair loss may be due to the high pace for a large number of reasons. In some cases precipitation, new hair grows hair that fell somewhere. In other cases, it is possible to successfully address the phenomenon of precipitation through to go to the dermatologist. Other cases, where there is no any treatment until today, is being conducted in respect thereof numerous and continuous research, and it seems that the first glance can be optimistic about the future and the magnitude.

stop hair loss
stop hair loss

In any case, it is worth to talk with a therapist about the possibilities of a skin doctor hair loss treatment is best and most effective kind of the situation.

Cosmetics harmful chemical:

There are quite a lot of men and women who use cosmetics manufactured chemically for hair care. Of these products: hair dyes, colors, lightening the color materials, smoothing hair and various materials used for wrinkle. If the use of these products according to the instructions, the possibility of deterring be very little hair.

However, if the use of these products around the same time, it is possible that the hair weakens and tends to embrittlement (Trichorrhexis). If the use of these products has led to the weakness of the hair and brittleness, it is desirable to discontinue use, to be renewed hair and recovers, and the affected hairs disappear.

Diminishing hair and baldness gene:

This phenomenon is known as the name of scientific “Vixen male figure” (baldness) (Androgenetic alopecia / Calvities). It is the most prevalent causes of hair loss, as genetically transmitted from mother or father. Women who suffer from this phenomenon, usually have their hair and very little light, but they do not become completely bald. It is possible to start this phenomenon to emerge in the second decade, or third, and even fourth decade of life.

Alopecia areata (Alopecia Areata):

It is not known what are the reasons that lead to the phenomenon of partial hair loss, known as “alopecia areata”, but the prevailing belief is that it is linked to the problems affecting the immune system (the body produces as a self antibiotics for his poetry itself). It is possible to get this phenomenon in children or in adults at any stage of life. And usually it has people who suffer from it develop a healthy sound, General. It is characterized by the emergence of a bald, rounded and small areas, one of which is equivalent to Qatar Qatar metal coins, or a little larger.

Although alopecia areata is a very rare phenomenon to happen, but it could lead to hair loss all head and body, completely. In most cases, the hair back to growth again, but the treatment with the dermatologist would accelerate renewed hair growth process.

Telogen Effluvium :

Disease, stress or psychological stress, and other factors may result in a large amount of hair to enter into a so-called “phase terminal” (resting phase in the effectiveness of grapefruit capillary cells – Telogen) as part of the natural cycle of hair growth, which leads to hair loss pace high and accelerating (Effluvium), without resulting therefrom, often, completely bald spots. And stop this type of hair loss, in most cases, automatically, after a few months.

Among the factors that cause hair loss (chronic):

High temperature, severe acute pollution and influenza (Influenza sharp)
Surgery complicated or chronic illness
Thyroid disease (Thyroid gland)
A few proteins feed
Lack of iron in the blood
Taking medications
On oral contraceptives
Treatments for cancer

Tinea Capitis:

Tinea capitis caused from fungal contamination, caused by a skin fungus (Dermatophyte) and is characterized by the emergence of crust covered with patches (Dandruff) on the scalp (Scalp). These spots grow, expanding and spreading and causing bomb hair, skin color redness, swelling, and sometimes even the secretion of fluids from the scalp. This disease is very contagious, it is very common in children. This disease can be handled by medications.

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