4 Foods For Healthy Teeth

Feeding your teeth is one of most impotent things order to avoid health problems of the teeth, weak teeth causes the inability to eat any of the food or drink as a result of passing on the teeth when ingested.
And today we provide your in this article list of top five foods can be eaten dental care to protect them from health risks that may be exposed.

Home remedies make teeth white and shiny
Garlic is one of the best natural treatments for many health problems as a result of its high proportion of nutrients that help protect the body from the dangers of various diseases, as a result enhanced the activity of the immune system, but they contain a large proportion of the substance Allicin, which has a role in getting rid of harmful bacteria which cause injury to the teeth with many health problems.
Preferably a lot of people are added to daily meals add a taste of the unique and wonderful and to take advantage of Cloves on the health level, as clove contains a large proportion of Eugenol and Oleic acid, which assist in getting rid of many health problems including bacteria harmful to teeth.


It is turmeric herbs that belong to the family of ginger, which is famous for its multiple benefits and contain large proportions of nutrients needed by the body and works to protect it from the many health risks that might be exposed to get strengthened immune system activity, helping turmeric to protect teeth from health problems you may encounter.
A lot of people mark butter as unhealthy foods to impact poor cardiovascular health in the case dealt with, but on the contrary, it handled butter suitable and acceptable quantities helps protect the body from many diseases including health dental problems, where butter contain large percentages of calcium and protein and other health and wonderful nutrients.

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