10 Foods You Should Never Eat Again

Today we’re gonna be talking about the top 10 foods you should never eat again, they’re not going to kill you as soon as they took your tongue but we could be all absolutely fine if we never touch them.

Tips To Choose Healthy Food

10- Frosting

Frosting is just pure sugar, It actually has more sugar in it than sugar.. maybe not that’s a bit of an exaggeration but it’s still a very high amount it will actually send your blood sugar levels skyrocketing and send a lot of bad cholesterol your way.
If you’re wondering whether or not the frosting that you eat is bad for you, then you just have to ask yourself this do i want to eat my own body weight in it because of how good it takes… if the answer is maybe yes or all my god yes then you should probably stay clear of it.

9- Deep-fried Mars bars

I’m aware that this is what a lot of people might not have come into contact with, but there’s probably a good reason for it and if you have there are hundred reasons why you should never eat one again Mars bars are already one of the most notoriously unhealthy chocolate bars you can jump down on and then someone.
In Scotland during the mid-1990s decided to dip one into deep fryer oil, because why not unsurprisingly this is insanely bad for you just one of them alone is about calories and experts think it actually increases your risk of having a stroke within minutes of you eating one by reducing blood flow to the brain, don’t eat them they’re bad for you.

8- Pork belly

It might look like any other meal out there but don’t let this for you it is not lean meat, this is the actual belly of a pig it’s not fat with a bit of lean muscle if the kind of fact that help it survive the winter, your average 3-ounce serving of this stuff won’t even fill most people up but it gives you about seventy percent of your recommended fat intake for the whole day.
It’s the kind of thing you would eat every day if you wanted to double in size in just a few weeks, it’s packed with lots and lots of saturated fats and yeah they’re not good for you.

7- Palm oil

If you’ve never heard a palm oil you probably still eat it, you can find it in so many things it’s in margarine in cooking oil in soups and crackers and a lot of baked goods and even Nutella, yes I’m sorry guys it’s true even Nutella has an end but aside from it being packed with saturated fats which are bad for you.

6- Foie Gras

If you ever find yourself out a fancy French restaurant, you may very well see for foie gras on the menu you may think oh that sounds nice fancy French name, Well yeah but it’s really not flagrant actually means fat liver and it comes from the process of sticking a massive two down goose or ducks throat and force feeding them.
This causes that liver to swell with fat and apparently makes it taste better now this all sounds pretty horrendous to you there, actually live too far from a restaurant selling foie gras, but googling the pictures behind how it’s made actually makes most people stomach turn.

5- Bran Muffin

A lot of people in the world will usually reach for a nice brand muffin as their breakfast food of choice as it seems and looks like a pretty healthy food compared to other options, but there is actually an insane amount of sugar in some bran muffins.
If you pick up an apple bran muffin from starbucks you’ll find it has 34 grams of sugar in it, that’s over four times the amount of sugar in a plain cake donor so it’s not really that bran muffins like toxic or unethical for animals, but yet you probably shouldn’t eat them if you don’t want to consume the equivalent of a pack of donuts in sugar, unless that’s what you want in which case go for it.

4- Microwave Popcorn

Popcorn contains per floor of 10 knowing which is a “carcinog” that can cause cancer, Struggle to pronounce those words but once they even found an asset in microwave popcorn that is likely to cause cancer in humans, even the production of some brands that contain a chemical called “die aktuelle” have caused the factory employees wear this stuff is made to develop a condition actually called popcorn workers long which is as nasty as it sounds.
Now obviously you are going to keel over and die after popping a few chords in your mouth, but these studies are causing more and more people to turn their backs on microwave popcorn in favor of popping their own.

3 – Table salt

The name might suggest on most dinner table out there you can find table salt one survey, actually found that ninety-five percent of us restaurants provided for their customers but recent research has thrown up some quite worrying points about this stuff natural soul, actually contains over 80 important elements that are very good for the human body.
But the so actually loses that when it’s cooked at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit to make it into table salt, the missing minerals are then replaced with potentially dangerous levels of potassium iodide studies have found that table salt causes blood pressure to rise as the heart tries to keep toxins away from it in the long term it can even cause serious kidney thyroid and liver problems and it’s been linked to a whole bunch of other health problems.

2- Leftover rice

It might sound a little bit strange, nobody obviously goes out orders leftover rice but a lot of people do end up eating it whether it’s a curry from the night before maybe like a Chinese Tikka.
If you leave cooked rice at room temperature overnight a bacteria called “bacillus cereus” will multiply and spread across the rice producing toxins that will cause vomiting and diarrhea and give you really bad cramps.
So if you eat it in fact the longer you leave it the worst all these symptoms, as these invisible tiny spores will be all over your rice, by the time you come back to it so yeah stay away from it.

1- Artificially died food

There’s a lot of it as a general rule in life in the food is as neon bright as one of the Teletubbies, you should probably avoid eating it Americans now eat five times the amount of food diet products they did.
In nineteen fifty-five and scientists have already noticed the results of that blue dyes found in candy and pop drinks have been found to cause brain tumors and damaged DNA, green dies cause bladder tumors red causes limb focus and thyroid tumors, while yellow dye can cause pretty much all of those ones we just talked about as well as asthma insomnia.
There have been studies that even link these artificial dyes to hyperactivity and ADHD in children, most people are so used to eating artificially died food that they sometimes forget it’s even that, but it is absolutely everywhere and the more studies that come out about it, the more people are trying to avoid eating the food equivalent of the Powerpuff Girls.


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