Galaxy note 7 exploding while charging

One users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in China Complained , the exposure of his explosion, during charging the phone subscriber convert between cable micro USB port Type C private ship the machine, according to the published site Phonearena Indian, and who advised the need to use the original Samsung equipment during charging the phone, as well to keep them away from sources of heat or water in general and not only during shipping.


And it launched the Samsung last month her phone Galaxy not seven big screen TVs 5.7-inch Quad HD accurately display 1440 × 2560 pixels with a Super AMOLED screen backed by glass Gorilla Glass 5, as well as new phone powered testimony IP68 for resistance to water and dust, comes curved from both sides-screen TV, as well as to pen S pen ultra-sensitive, which owns 820 Snapdragon processor, with Rear camera accurately 12 mega pixel front and another 5 mega pixel camera, and it runs Android Marschmilo running.


While Samsung is still working on solving the problem of battery phone Galaxy Note 7 after the emergence of a number of reports that point to explode during shipping, which the company was forced to call the phone from the market, site Phonearena Indian detect inform a Chinese users of the explosion of his Galaxy S7 edge during the shipping process.


This person said he was asleep at the time of the incident, and explained that he was using the charger for the original phone, but the site of India pointed out that this has nothing to do with the process of calling the phone Galaxy Note 7 new, and that these were isolated incidents.


And works ext different batteries, and besides, the phone Galaxy S7 edge already available for a considerable period in the market without being reported any problem of such incidents.


It is worth mentioning that Samsung revealed earlier that it had received reports that up to 35 organ of the Galaxy Note phone 7 has been damaged batteries, which paid for the launch of telephone call program.

US site Gizmodo shed light on the new incident caused by note 7 after a jeep exploded and caught fire in all parts of the car.

According to a report issued by the News FOX 13 shows a US citizen named Nathan Dornacher serious incident, he puts a phone Knott 7 for charging into his car and got out he and his family out of the car, to be surprised when he returned again to a car fire burning and the smoke thick inside because of the explosion of phone Knott 7 during charging.

Fortunately firefighters to control the fire before spreading all over the car, but did not hit the car seriously damaged and grew the fire in all parts, and wrote on the official account on Facebook, “We’re fine, it did not hurt any of us harm the most important thing for me “.

Samsung did not comment on this incident immediately, but the company said in a statement to Fox 10 that he was aware of the incident and urged customers to replace note 7 phones, and she bore him. “

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