Beautiful Flowers Glass Vases Designs

Glass vases for roses at home are a natural icons that make us breathe purity and capturing the eyes sights with beautiful and colors are dazzling, “design-milk” site provides amazing collection of glasses vases with undulations and bends, which make fantastic decoration,  you can put a single flower inside the vase then the flower seems to the viewer as a whole bunch of different sizes.

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Glass capsules It is known that glass jars of “GLASS VASES” made by hand to dazzle who see it, and the designer “Bilge Nore” has designed vases in the form of longitudinal capsules to be like a glass tube inside the imprisonment part of living nature.

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The undulations and bends in glass manufactured by the designer in the form of optical illusions to establish a state of reproduction and amplification of a single flower, where the suit small spaces shall be this small capsule large bouquet can be placed on the desk, the bedroom or front of the bathroom mirror.

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One Rose Bouquet full show and although the flowers inside the glass capsules of satin and silk, but it looks to those who see it 100% natural, and do this Models of GLASS VASES is so spacial, where you hold your sight of nature be the owned by your fingertips.

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