Why Green Salad Is Healthiest Food

The benefits of eating green salad every day for many is not final, It does not only help to reduce the weight, but offers great benefits to the health of skin, hair and body and general health of the body.
If you are looking for more reasons to be convinced of the need to eat salad every day, here in the following benefits of green salad for your body.

Why Green Salad Is Healthiest Food

Green salad nutrition facts

– Green salad rich in many fiber
Of the most important benefits of eating salad every day, it is loaded with many of the health fibers that give you a sense of satiety and keep the stomach full for as long as possible, which helps slimming and reduce the weight. Fiber also features the wonderful benefits for the digestive system, it helps to improve digestion and treatment of constipation.


– Supply the body with vitamins
Did you know that according to one of the green salad has a daily amount by which the body needs most of the natural vitamins? Make sure that the dish contains a variety of salad to the amount of vegetables to ensure you get an integrated nutrition for your body every day, which will be reflected quickly on the appearance of the skin and hair.
– Reduce the number of calories in your diet
Of the benefits of eating salad also because it allows the reduction of the amount of fat and reduce calories that enter the body, which contributes significantly in maintaining body fitness, make sure to replace fatty foods green salad.
– Delicious taste
Besides being healthy dishes, the green salad is characterized by wonderful taste especially when added to the types of spices and sauce delicious.

-Easy Snack to digest
Salad dish a snack is easy per share, that can be dealt before the main meal by 30 minutes until help you to resist the open appetite, and also the benefits that they do not make you bloat, it allowed you to eat lots of them especially they do not contain many calories as well considered.

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