Hair Design Scroll

Do you remember those scrolls that used your mother used to wrap the hair.

hair design scroll
This method is optimal for ripples healthy hair, you can use it to wrap the locks of your hair while you sleep. As you know, those traditional varieties that they do not work on grab hydration of your hair, which maintains the health of the hair. Wash your hair well, layering Put cream on your hair and use the scrolls before going to sleep.

Despite the availability of different sizes of the scrolls, the scrolls are advised to choose larger size to get bigger ripples. The short hair, you would get a simple ripples, not strong.

Hair pleats:

Curls are also of the simplest ways that gives you a natural wavy hair, and give you a fantastic ripples with an attractive appearance. After washing hair, nationalist Dry it well using a towel, put a little hair that does not rinse or styling cream balm. Begin then in the work of braids.

You can divide your hair for several braids, according to the intensity of the ripples you like! 0.4 or 6 or 8 braids. For ripples Court, national action braids Court, the ripples of broad, national action braids and wide. In the morning, national unzip braids and comb the hair to get ripples attractive.

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