3 Steps to prepare coconut milk at home

Coconut milk is used in some Asian recipes, used in some types of desserts, also can be used to strengthen the hair and soften the skin and cleaned.

3 Steps to prepare coconut milk at home
Homemade coconut milk

The most important properties of Coconut milk oil to contain this oil from 50% – 53% of lauric acid, and this acid found in mother’s milk, The coconut oil doesn’t contain any fatty acids, You can store coconut oil for a long time as it contains natural properties of antioxidants.


Prepare coconut milk at home:

2 and a half cups of grated fresh coconut + 2 cups of water.
1.Put the water in a pot on the fire.
2.When water starts boiling, Add the grated coconut and let it boil for about five minutes and then get him away from the fire.
3.Let coconut soaked in water for a whole day.
4.filter the grated coconuts from water twice using a soft strainer.
Do not get rid of the remaining coconut at the strainer, but put it on the kitchen paper until it drys of water and keep it in a clean dry jar in order to use in desserts as usual.

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